Lamp is a comprehensive solution for leasing and financial business. It supports the whole of your business process



Lamp enables you to reduce the considerable cost. It covers the entire business process and supports you to increase the productivity and efficiency. There is capability can fit the actual operation which is such a specific requirement on your business. It is also very flexible for existing external systems. Lamp can be connected to other systems to automate your process.



Web based application. Not require to install any software on the client PC. It provides user friendly user interface.
Flexible to be customized to fit actual operation. It can connect to other system by external data interfaces.
Covers the entire process of leasing and financial business such as the customer contract, monthly invoicing, reporting and termination.
Tracks and logs the activity. Offers audit function. If you need more information, you can schedule a discussion or demonstration. Please click here


“Lamp covers the most of leasing, hire puchase, factoring and other financial business operations, such as quotation, application/approval process, contract management, disbursement, repayment, accounting report, cash flow management, and interface to banks.”



Implementation Sample1
・New company establishment。
・System implementation was mandatory cause client does not have enough experience . We also have to support to build up the operation flow.
・Client needs high-level support after system implementation.
・Many requirements for customization. Needed 2 phases for system implementation sand additional functions.


Implementation Sample2

・Client used to mange the contract and invoicing by Access and Excel However it was getting difficult to manage and collect after 200 contracts
・Budget was limited. So requirement for customization needs to be considered really carefully (3 man months)
・Implemented accounting system at same time

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